Product Tag and Display Signage

Product Tag and Display Signage

Floral Tag ReDesign Projects

Monthly Flyer ReDesign 2017

Sale Sheets – Mini Roses // Blooming Program

Alzheimers Bouquet Sell Sheet and Tag

Cut Kalanchoe Program Booklet and Tag

Seasonal Booklets – Fall Lookbook // Christmas Lookbook 2017

Catalogue Design – Pages // Covers

Property Feature Sheets

939 Western Student Adventure Social Contest

New External Design for Signage

Mackenzie Community Investment Report

Billboards for Quebec Snowboard Jamboree

Internal Event Communications – Posters // Invites // Web Banners

Mackenzie Investments Team Profiles

Various Infographics

Event Communications – Conference Keynotes // Logo // Materials

Sales Invites // Posters // Promotions